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Wrongful Death

When you suffer the loss of a loved one in an accident, nothing can replace that person. However, you are entitled to seek financial compensation. The sudden loss of a loved one can leave the futures of those left behind uncertain. It can also result in a dramatic loss of income and companionship. At such a difficult time, you should not have to worry about the unknown. We can help.

Who can recover?

A wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party is generally initiated by or on behalf of the spouse, children, or family of the decedent, through their lawyer. In some unique situations, someone other than the deceased’s immediate family may recover damages if they relied upon the deceased for support.

We have successfully secured significant financial compensation for the loved ones of victims of fatal injuries and accidents. Our job is to seek financial compensation for the things you never thought could be measured in dollars. Our job is also to hold those responsible for your loss accountable and to make sure they understand the impact of your loss.

If you have questions about how we can help you pursue a wrongful death claim for the loss of your loved one, call us anytime. Please allow us to meet with you to answer your questions and discuss how we can help.