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Maritime and Offshore Accidents

An Already Dangerous Workplace Becomes Even More Dangerous When It Is Surrounded By Water

Because of our location near the Gulf of Mexico, we have represented individuals suffering from injuries occurring offshore. Our lawyers handle cases under the Jones Act, the law that provides a seaman with a legal remedy to be awarded damages for personal injury.

If you were injured in an offshore accident while working on the Mississippi river or any other body of water, you may be entitled to file a claim for damages under the Jones act.

We also represent clients injured in maritime accidents involving:

  • Inland Barges
  • Supply Vessels
  • Semi- Submersibles
  • Jack-up Rigs
  • Offshore Platforms and Skid Rigs
  • Tenders
  • Drowning

If you are suffering from injury that occurred while working offshore, we can help you maximize your benefits and pursue your claim.